With an innate eagerness for knowledge and improvement, Dan is a natural creator. As an automotive enthusiast in his personal life, Dan enjoys nothing more than producing high-quality content that not only adds value to his clients but also documents our place in automotive history.


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The "4 Bugatti Chirons" video that was created by Dan Wagner for client - Miller Motorcars was recognized and shared by DuPont Registry in their April 3, 2020 Dealer News article. 

Dupont Reg 4 Bugatti Chirons.png

Dan Wagner provided the video and contributed several images (including the ones shown) of the historic Pagani | Story of a Dream exhibit that took place in Grand Central Station. 

NY Post Pagani Huayra BC Coupe Image by Dan Wagner
Robb Report 6 Pagani Hypercars Headline
6 Pagani Hypercars shown in Robb Report Image by Dan Wagner

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